Kasper & Luna

Kasper & Luna

Kasper and Luna
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Kasper and Luna we believe were born in 2011, making them around 10. They are in a bit of a state needing, ears, eyes, teeth, skin problems sorted. They also both need to be neutered. Luna is carrying too much weight. Once we are making progress on the treatment they need we will be looking to rehome them as a pair.

Kasper is in a fair amount of discomfort from his ears

So far they have been super friendly and appear to be ok around other dogs. Kasper is rather “amorous” so we would be looking to rehome this pair in a home with no other pets.

You can see how irritated Luna is by her skin, ears and eyes.  

Luna is very photogenic but Kasper you can see the pain in his face from his ears.

Did someone say cheese!

If you would like to be consider for this pair when they are ready for rehoming please check out Things to consider before rehoming paying particular attention to our current rehoming area. If you are within that rehoming area please complete and return an application form. Thank you


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