Layla is thought to be an American bulldog x Boxer. She was originally found as a stray and it is thought that she has been used for breeding. We think she is around 3 years old.

Layla is gorgeous

Although she is fine with most of the dogs in the kennels, if we meet a dog on a walk she can get a bit upset and very excitable. Introductions with another dog will need to be managed carefully. However we do believe that Layla is likely to be ok around dog, if she could just curb her enthusiasm. We are We would not rehome her with cats.

It has been amazing seeing Layla come on however she is not without her issues. She is so keen to see and meet any other dog or person she will happily pull in whatever direction she wants to go. For this reason we think at least initially a home as an only pet will give Layla the best chance of continuing her training and becoming the dog we know she will be.

We have been doing loads of training with Layla and this will have to continue in her new home. She needs to learn to be able to walk safely in all areas.

Layla loves a run around but doesn’t seem bothered about toys yet

We have no details of how she is around children so will not consider a home with children under the age of 12 although visiting children 6 and above who are used to dogs will probably be absolutely fine. She is a lovely girl and greets you with a full body wag!

We don’t think Layla is going to be a prime candidate for agility but look at her go!

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