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Lennox was born in 2014. He is very much a bull in a china shop but as you can see from the video below learns very quickly.

Lenox is a bigger sized staffie, possibly a cross

He is very people friendly although we have picked up he has a tendency to mouth so would not be suited to children under 10. He is also a big strong boy on lead. He is obsessed with his lead but already with distraction techniques he is responding well. Lenox has lived with other dogs but we would initially like to place Lenox in a dog free home so he can settle. We would not consider rehoming Lenox with cats.

He will need a secure garden, with at least a 5 foot fenced area where he can play safety off lead.

Lenox needs a home that will, despite his years, give him lots of exercise and things to occupy him. Work with a few more manners around other dogs and generally give him a life full of things to stretch him both physically and mentally.

Lennox is a bit hit and miss when it comes to other dogs. Some he will walk well with while others he has a problem with. There is no logic to which is which.

If you feel you can offer Lenox the home he needs please complete an application form.


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