Lily Cat

Lily Cat

Lillie (2)
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Lily came in after her owner died. Sadly we have limited information on her.

We have established she HATES cats. She did live with Lottie, however they are both very grumpy when around each other but when they’re on their own they are the sweetest pair. Lily does till have the occasional grumble but it is still very early days for her in kennels

Sadly we don’t have an idea of an age but we do know she’s very hairy.


18 October, 2023

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28 September, 2023


7 July, 2023


25 January, 2024


10 January, 2024

Hermione (& Clara) will be off to their new home together shortly.

26 November, 2023


31 August, 2023

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17 January, 2024

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2 February, 2024


28 January, 2023