Our heart goes out to Lola. A just one having had two homes and she has now come into us after fighting with the other dogs in the household. Lola is a short legged labrador.

She’s is so nervous, she is “actually” scared of her own shadow. But what a sweet girl she is once she knows you’ll make everything ok.

We are looking for a very specific home for Lola. One that we think will give her the best chance of a happy settled home.


No children (although eventually visiting children will be fine)

Someone home almost all day

No other pets

Local to the kennels (10 miles maximum)

Someone who will be prepared to visit the kennels nearly every day for as long as necessary.

Someone who is prepared to wait and be patient but equally be ready to take Lola when the time is right for her

Someone who will take her to training classes, build her confidence so that in the future she is a much more balanced dog.

A secure garden with at least a 5 foot fence.

Lola has a sweet nature.

PLEASE read our rehoming conditions before applying as well as our “essential” for her new home.

Please complete and return our application form We will not be inviting people to visit for at least 10 days. We will contact applicant at that point.

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