Luck is not currently in kennels. Due to his age he will be staying with his current owners in Eyemouth. Normal rehoming conditions will apply please see our Things to Consider before rehoming section.

This is what we have been told about Lucky

Lucky looks a lovely old boy.

Lucky is a 14 year old, unneutered male border terrier. He has been to the vet this week and is pretty healthy, heart good, no sign of diabetes or kidney disease. He is currently on antibiotics for a urine infection. This may clear up his tendency to wee in the house occasionally but this may also be a result of learnt behaviours which we are trying hard to retrain and he is improving. He is used to a dog walker which he loves for an hour each day and lays happily with other dogs. He is a very friendly little chap who likes a walk and a bit of attention. He’s come from a home with older people but is fine with kids, although a family with young children may be too much for him.

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