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Luna came in pregnant and 14 days after she arrive she gave birth to her beautiful puppies (all of who have gone to their new homes). Luna has done a fabulous job with her puppies. We will be looking for potential owner to visit her probably around 10th – 17th March. Luna always has a worried look on her face but the tail is going 19 to the dozen

Luna is still very much a baby herself and will be celebrating her 3rd birthday shortly. She loves her walks but lover her cuddles even more and will be the most amazing confident. She can be noisy but this may well be protection of her pups or it could be her normal behavior, she is a small type, possibly Chihuahua. We do know she previously lived with one of her pups from a previous litter along with the dad. However, she is very barky around other dogs and we have had to stop her playing with the other dogs up the back as she is too full on.

On walks she initially was quite barky with other dogs but with distraction she soon settles down and enjoys herself more calmly.

Luna’s ideal home is one that will have lots of time for cuddles along with a balance of exercise and a bit of brain training. Joining a training class would pay dividends for her general socialisation around dogs. She may well be happy in a home with respectful children likely over 10. We have noticed a tendency to be worried around children and look uncomfortable, if children approach she can react by barking and we would not wish to risk any chance of a bite.


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