Marbless (Small)
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Marbles was born on the 22nd of September this year. He is a very sweet boy who is looking for a home where he will eventually be bonded with another neutered rabbit once he is old enough to be neutered. Marbles should be ready to go to his new home around the 4th December.

A hutch is not enough for Marbles (or any rabbits). The minimum needed will be 6 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot uninterrupted floor space though a shed is perfect for outdoors and access to a good sized run ( 8 x 4 foot is a good start). Please check out for ideas.

Marbles’ mum Amber is a very sweet girl.

If you think you can offer marbles the home he needs please fill in an application form. Please add a picture of your set up to the application form or send it in a different email or via our facebook page.


11 September, 2021


21 August, 2021

22/11/21 Toothless and Simba have had lots of applications so are on hold for now

19 November, 2021


4 November, 2021

Teaspoon should be off to his new home soon

5 October, 2021


18 August, 2021

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