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Milo is around 4 years old and although very cute looking he has bitten his previous owner in the face.

Milo has come in with an ear infection, additionally he has clearly not had a great time when his face and eyes have been cleaned and we believe this is what has led him to bite when his face was touched. We have found him to be very loving and affectionate but caution is needed so we would not consider rehoming him to a home with children under 14 or with visiting children under 10.

Milo before his groom

He loves to play and has great fun out on his walks. Although we were told he has not been socialised around other dogs he has been well behaved around the dogs in kennels although may have an initial bark, this has diminished greatly.

Milo after his groom at Wot-A-Clip

Milo is on his final chance to find a home. If you want a dog that will cuddle up with you, Milo will not be suitable, not matter how cute he is he needs to be a dog and get affection on his owners terms and in a safe way that will not put him in danger of biting again. It is a big ask to find the right home for Milo and we would ask you to please consider carefully whether you are the right home for Milo before applying. As any failure in his new home is likely to be a very unhappy ending for Milo