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Please note Milo is not staying in kennels. Any applications will be considered and past on to his current owner. This is acknowledge by all applicants for Milo.

Milo is a very sweet boy who will be three at the end of August. He is an affectionate boy and loves to be curled up next to his owner. Milo is house trained and is not destructive in the house. He can be left for for a few hours but he can become stressed if kept separated when his human is at home.

He is extremely food orientated and loves his treats. He plays catch with his favourite ball although it can be a bit of a one sided game. His recall is good but he can be reactive to some other dogs so additional training will be beneficial.

Milo loves a bath and comes running if he hears the taps running. Milo is non shedding and is currently groomed professionally every 6 weeks.

Milo has Addison’s disease. This is well controlled with regular injections. These are needed monthly to prevent an Addison’s crisis. Properly medicated Milo will have the same quality and life span as a dog without Addison. Milo is currently covered, including is Adison’s, by an insurance policy costing £27.44. His current insurance has suggested they will transfer this insurance to his new owner. New owners will need to look into this further and his current owner will be able to provide details.

Milo is truly a beautiful boy, a wonderful companion and deserves a home where he can spend his days beside his chosen humans.

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