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We think MKM is around 2 – 4 years old and has several litters. She has had her last litter with us so will be neutered soon and ready to find a new home.

MKM is not 100% friendly but she has made huge steps since coming in. We would ideally like to find her a more rural home where she will be able to be kept indoors for probably at least 6 weeks. During this time we would want her to bond and build up trust with her new owner

It may be that she only ever treats her new home as a feeding station but she has potential and we don’t want her to return to a real feral lifestyle as there is a definite memory of not being feral.

As you can see MKM is very much cross eyed. She copes well and it doesn’t stop her from enjoy life and having a little play in her more relaxed moments.


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