Moby needs your help

Moby needs your help

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Moby is just a youngster having been born in October 2020. He has had a very sheltered start and not got out for many walks.

On the plus side Moby is currently coping very well. He is loving get out and about and exercised, he loves to play ball and enjoys all toys. The recovery is going to be a long one but he deserves every chance going forward to live a fully and (very) energetic life.

Currently we are waiting for a referral and then as we understand it the likelihood will be he will have one hip done at a time.


You can make a donation by going to our facebook page or by clicking on the link below.


While we are raising funds, these funds are to replace the ones we will be using to cover the cost of Moby’s operation. We know we are talking 5 figures so it will make quite a dent. Due to your support in the past we are in a position to help this lovely boy and we are so very grateful.

Once recovered we will be looking to find Moby the right home, but we’re not sure what that is going to be until after he has had his ops. Please do not put an application for him until we are more aware of his needs. Thank you

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