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Munchkin joined us a few weeks ago seriously injured/ill. She went in for what should have been a quite minor op and once the operation started the true extent of her injuries could be seen.

The worst of her injuries was a punctured uterus and her prognosis was guarded but just over 3 weeks later she is ready to find her new home.

Munchkin has come from, we believe living outside, but over the weeks she has turned into a sweet girl who loves a lic-k-lic and a gentle approach reaps huge rewards. She is showing great interest in the other cats.

She is thought to be very much a youngster. A home that will spend time getting to know her at her pace in a slightly rural location would tick a few boxes for her. We are not able to consider a home with dogs, no matter how good they are with cats.

For this special girl please complete and return an application form.

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