Ollie came into us after an incident with a cat damaged his eyes. Sadly we had to have one of his eyes removed and although it has been touch and go on his other eye after intensive treatment we appear to be winning the battle with it. He has had to have blood taken regularly to make plasma eye drops for his remaining eye and fingers crossed, these appear to have done the trick. He has one more visit to the vet when we hope he will be discharged and ready to go to a new home without any further treatment needed.

Ollie is full of life and doesn’t let his disability stop him from enjoying it to the full

Ollie is very bright in himself and loves to play and have a sniff. He enjoys a fuss and his walks. We understand that he has previously been around other dogs.

Ollie has great recall, well most of the time

Ollie was born in January 2010 and is very much full of energy, he will enjoy a home with lots of human company and exercise. He has adapted well to having just the one eye.

Ollie at the vets for yet another visit. He love it there, he must know that they’ve made sure he’s safe
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