Fingers crossed our Pearl has found just the right home and once arrangements are sorted she’ll be going home!

Just a puppy who hasn’t had much of a life so far

Pearl, despite not quite being a year has been a fantastic mum to the pups. She will be ready to go early April. She is a shy girl, initially, but does know her own mind. She will need an experienced home that will give her the time, patience and confidence needed to learn that life is actually quite good.

Pearl has come so far since coming in and now loves her tummy tickles

Pearl has no house training at all. If you saw the conditions she was living in you would understand why. She will need a very regular approach and someone who will expect lots of accidents along the way.

So much to give

Lovely to see Pearl coming out of her self

Pearl can chew, this may be just stress related but as such leaving her is unlikely to be an option for some while. Sadly we also don’t think crating would be a good idea for her as she dislikes small spaces and is likely to chew her way out of any crate.

Pearl took two weeks before she felt safe to walk

Pearl can be good with dogs but also can take a dislike to other dogs. Due to restrictions we sadly feel at the moment she will need to be an only dog.

So what sort of home will possibly suit Pearl.

Pearl love her snuffle mat

Rural, secure garden with at least 5 feet fence, no other pets, patience, at least one person home for a considerable length of time, quite probably hard floors, energetic owners who are ready for a lot of nights without sleep. Close to the kennels. Pearl is a gentle soul but consideration of her house training issues in relation to the ages of children will need to be made,

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