Peep (Small)
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Peep is a Cockatiel probably around 8 years old though this is very much a guess. He has a wonderful personality and knows exactly what he likes and isn’t prepared to compromise. We are looking for a very specific home for Peep so please only apply if you can fit the criteria. Please also see our Updated Covid Rehoming area as we are up against some very strict restrictions.

Peep loves to be sat with you

Peep Loves his women and we are looking to rehome him to a single lady. Peep believes he is the Centre of the universe and we would like to find him a home where things stay this way. He wants to be an only pet and has failed to bond with other birds in the past. He gets incredibly jealous of relationships and turns very grumpy if someone else is with his ‘woman’. We are looking for a home where Peep will be out of his cage more than he is in it through the day, with an owner who will be home most of his awake hours. He is incredibly friendly and loves to sing.

Peep is looking so much better than when he first joined us in September

Peep was a bit of a sorry state when he came in but he is now well on the road to recovery, looking almost as a cockatiel should. Peep sleeps a solid 13.5 hours a night and this seems to suit him the best.

Peep is quite the poser (when he wants to be)

If you feel you could be the right home for Peep please fill in an application form. At the moment we are unable to rehome to Scotland or anywhere in England further than 8 miles from the kennels. This is subject to change


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