Pepsi and Rio

Pepsi and Rio

Pepsie and Rio (4)
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Pepsi a Chihuahua cross and Rio a Chihuahua are both around 11 years old. Sadly they have come in due to their owner’s illness. They are both very pampered little dogs. Rio is the more confident to start but Pepsi is not far behind.

They have never been around other dogs or been out much although both love the groomers. They could not live with cats.

We are going to work on getting them out for walks and feeling comfortable on a harness. They will need to experience lots of new things over time.

They are both very cuddly and would be ideally suited to an older couple, perhaps, where they could have a lap each.

If you feel you could offer these two beauties the home that would suit them please complete and return an application form.

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