Pumpkin & Patch

Pumpkin & Patch

Patch and Pumpkin
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Pumpkin & Patch were born towards the end of 2022. Although timid at first we have found they’ve come round quite quickly and with lots of interaction in their new home these boys will do well.

Similar to rabbits a #HutchIsNotEnough and they will need lots of space, a warm, draft free area, loads of hay and boy do they enjoy their vegetables. A crinkle of a bag and there away chatting at ten to the dozen.


12 August, 2023


11 June, 2021

Daisy #2

31 August, 2023


30 September, 2023


4 November, 2021


12 August, 2023

Phoenix – will be off to her new home shortly

15 November, 2023

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20 December, 2019

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11 October, 2023

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15 January, 2020