Rolo (5)
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Rolo is 2 years old and said to be a Jack Russell, Daschund cross. He came in as he had zero housetraining both when his owners were around and when he was left. He also started barking when he was left. However, in his defense this had increased from 6 hours to 13 hours.

The problems of not being housetrained can not be underestimated. It may be he never got the opportunity to learn what housetraining was all about or it may be he has a more deep routed problem. Although he has been known to urinate when he is over excited at seeing someone or when he is nervous this has already improved. He has also been clean in his kennel (with the exception of the previous sentence)

We are looking for a quieter home, likely adult only, although in time visiting children is unlikely to be a problem. He may be able to go with another dog but definitely not cats.

For the first 6 months we would only want Rolo left for short periods, in a controlled way and after that he may be able to be left for up to three hours.

He can be a happy little soul who loves to play, interact and have a cuddle.


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