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Ronnie is not with BARK. He is staying with All Creatures Great and Small in South Wales. Any enquires need to go direct to them and not to BARK. Thank you. Any adoption will be through them and their rehoming conditions, adoption fees etc will apply.

English Bull Dog X

Male – Neutered, microchipped with up to date worm and flea treatments

Date of Birth – 12th October 2019

Ronnie originally came into us in October 2020. He was rehomed in the November of that year but has recently been returned to us (November 2021). This was due to Ronnie’s reactivity when out on a walk and in certain environments. Ronnie can sometimes lunge at cars, small children (Toddlers) and other dogs whilst out on a walk. This does not always happen, sometimes he will sit and watch without reacting. He knows basic commands such as “sit”, “wait” and “leave”. We have been told by his previous owners that he is a joy to have in the house. He is EXTREMELY loving, affectionate and is fully house trained. Ronnie is a very friendly dog when it comes to adults and is a lovable lump! Ronnie adores spending time with us 1-1 and enjoys raiding the toy box!

Ronnie would suit a home with an experienced owner who has had this breed before or dog’s of a similar nature. Ronnie can be very stubborn and can be dominant at times, therefore, he needs a leader in the household who he can look up too. If Ronnie sees himself as the alpha, he may dominate the home. 

Ronnie’s lead walking is fantastic until he sees either one of the mentioned above. He will need extensive training in regards to his lunging. His previous owners had taken him to training and we have preserved with the techniques that they were shown. Ronnie is showing progress but this will not be a quick fix. Potential adopters need to be 110% dedicated and patient in order to help Ronnie over come his fears. 

Ronnie is very toy orientated. He will take treats for training but he absolutely adores toys, especially hard plastic, football types.

Ronnie cannot live with another dog or cat.

Age range – 15+

ONLY pet

Experience with the breed – Desirable not compulsory 

Experience with a dog that requires reactivity training – Desirable 

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