Rowen 4 and Ragna 3 are a bonded pair of Bassets and we will only consider homing them as a pair.

Rowan … that face says it all.

Rowan is overweight and will need to be kept to a strict diet with exercise to get this down. Ragna’s weight is good. They are a lovely pair who, typically, pull like trains on lead, have pretty selective hearing and certainly know their own minds (and are certain they know ours too). They have lived with cats successfully.

Ragna just loves everybody and everything and although Rowan is less forthcoming and has been known to bark and people coming towards her, this is very short lived and she is immediately friends when she gets a fuss.

Ragna just loves…. love

We will only consider rehoming them to an experienced home. They do have specific traits which can be difficult to manage and although they do absolutely look just gorgeous taking on one will prove challenging and two …. well.

Although Ragna is in the background it’s only because there were two people there and only one with the camera
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