Rusty, Biscuit, Peanut, Brownie & Bob

Rusty, Biscuit, Peanut, Brownie & Bob

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Rusty, Biscuit, Peanut, Brownie & Bob are just young gerbils born in early August. We are looking to rehome them either as a 5 or as a 2 and a 3.

They are great characters, don’t mind being handled, very playful and love to explore. They will happily jump on to your hand if it helps them get to where they want to go.

The would not to be suitable to go as a child’s pet and we would be unlikely to rehome to a home with dogs, although could possibly go with cats as long as they have a secure cage when in and the cats are not around when they are being regularly handled. They need a very large cage (at least 1m square) with a deep tank inside. If you can offer these little ones the right home please complete and return an application form.

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