13/1/21 Scotty – no more applications please

13/1/21 Scotty – no more applications please

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Scotty was born 2016 and appears to be a loveable rogue However the reason he came in was because he suffers separation anxiety and would not stop barking in the home, sometimes even when the owners where in the house. This could continue to be problematical and the severity can not be underestimated.

We haven’t been told any history on Scotty so we would not rehome with children under 6. We would be looking for a home, perhaps an older household that has time to work on his separation anxiety. We would not consider a flat for Scotty.

As we get to know Scotty more we will update his post. If you feel you might possibly be what Scotty needs from a home, and have read our rehoming conditions, please complete and return an application form

13/1/21 Scotty – no more applications please

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