Snoopy (4)
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Snoopy is 11 years old but you wouldn’t know it. He is is lovely condition.

He loves to interact with his humans and being called a “Bonnie boy” which he will also say to you if he’s in the mood, is one of his favourites. He loves to be sung to, You are my sunshine being his number 1, even with our dulcet tones.

Snoopy loves to be serenaded.

Say banana and apples to him and he gets very excited. He also enjoys his showers. Once familiar with his handlers he is a little treasure.

Snoopy is in beautiful condition.

Snoopy needs a good sized cage and plenty of time to be out and about interacting with his owners. He is not an aviary bird.

Please note our very restricted rehoming area at If you are within our current area and interested please complete an application form. Thank you

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