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Stevie came in after a road traffic accident. When no one was able to take responsibility for the vet bills BARK agreed to. She has now recovered beautiful albeit with just the 3 legs. This doesn’t stop her and she is a super girl. She has high prey drive and she is also far to enthusiastic when it comes to playing.

She is very loving and enjoys human company. We would not rehome her with any type of small furries and caution would be needed when she was off lead around small to medium dogs.

Don’t let having just the 3 legs fool you, she manages just fine and has built her muscles and strength up and we don’t often notice her tiring. She loves her walks and would benefit from some socialisation manners around other dogs. She is not a garden only dog but any garden will need an enclosed fence of a reasonable height as any hit of a rabbit and she’d be away.

The first time Stevie got off lead

If you feel you have the right home for Stevie please complete and return an application form.


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