Tallulah (2)
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Tallulah came in in a bit of a sorry state.  Test revealed she was suffering from hypothyroidism.  Fast forward a few months and with treatment her levels are down and she is a lot more relaxed cat.  She is eating well, slowly putting on weight and just generally a lovely girl who loves her cuddles.

Tallulah was born in 2010 and will be on medication for the rest of her life, but she is a good girl and takes her tablets with no fuss.  If necessary BARK will support the cost of these tablets.  We are also considering whether she might be a good candidate to have her thyroid removed. Again BARK would cover the costs if this is in her best interests.

She is now looking for a quieter home where she can lead a relaxed life with someone with time for lots of cuddles.

Tallulah will need to be rehomed withing easily travelling distance of our kennels, in order to continue with continuity of care.


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