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Teaspoon is around 14 weeks old and has always lived outside. He has recently come into kennels and is much more relaxed when being handled. However we would want to rehome him to a home that will have the time and patience to allow him to adjust to being a pet cat. He could not be rehomed to a home with children under 10. It may be Teaspoon never becomes completely domesticated and if you are looking for a kitten that will be friendly and forthcoming Teaspoon will not be the right cat.

Teaspoon has responded well to cuddles and fuss but there is a way to go. Although (as with all kittens) he will need to be kept in doors until he has been neutered, he will likely enjoy being out and about once that is done. We would be unlikely to rehome Teaspoon to a home with dogs.

If you feel you have the home, time and patience this little lad needs please complete and return an application form.

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