The Duke of Earl – should be off to his new home shortly.

The Duke of Earl – should be off to his new home shortly.

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Earl has come on great, has started putting weight on and is just the nicest boy. He will love to be in a home where he will get lots of love and cuddles.

Earl is the nicest most loving boy who it appears has been living for a while in a house on his own while family did their best to pop in and feed him. Sadly when he arrived his coat was very matted and his claws on his front paws and ingrown so far we though he might need amputation. But Earl had different ideas.

He was so grateful when he was groomed and never stopped purring despite the pretty appalling hair cut he was given. Once part groomed we had a better idea of the condition of his front paws and he had to go in to be sedated while they were attended to.

We couldn’t believe the improvement the next morning. He is on antibiotics for a couple of weeks and we are crossing our fingers he will make a great recovery. while he was sedated the condition of his teeth raised some concerns so he is going in shortly for a, probably quite radical, dental.

Earl has clearly been very loved at some point and things just got a bit too much. He clearly loves being groomed so once he is recovered any new owner will be able to keep his coat looking in the style he’d like it to be come accustom to.

We have added some food to our wish list which he is very fond of and will help put on weight and recover from his dental. Thank you.


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