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Sunday 5th January 2020

So our cheeky girl is beginning to take over

So since Tiggy came in she has probably had in excess of a hundred offers of a new home. Many suggested she stay with her foster home. But that was never going to be possible. In the end the easiest and hopefully the most successful option was to go for someone we knew or someone we trusted knew. So today was the day when she met her potential new owners. We think it went well and we hope it will proceed to a full adoption for her. Although we know there will be many people disappointed not to be considered to be a home for Tiggy there are many, many, many dogs out there who need homes and will be equally as rewarding as Tiggy…. and wont attract the paparazzi. A search on google will reveal so many dogs looking for homes. If Tiggy’s story achieves a home for even just one more dog then how great would that be #TiggysPaw.

The next step is for her to meet the other dogs in the house, which we suspect will go well, then once the all clear is given we hope she’ll be away to her new home, certainly by the end of January.

Working out Tennis balls are fun

Although her overall condition has improved today’s extra excitement has exhausted her.

Tired now

When Tiggy first came she couldn’t work out how to hold a treat. Nailed it!