Tilly came in as a stray and has remained unclaimed. Sadly she went out to her new home with another dog but her tail never stopped wagging causing eye injury to the other dog and him obviously not wanting to be around Tilly. She has been described as a great girl and obviously always happy with a waggy tail. Below you’ll find a lovely “reference”

We think she is probably around 2 years old and is a rough coated lurcher type. She is very friendly and loves a bit of attention. She has been ok around the other dogs but shows more interest in smaller dogs so caution would be needed around smaller dogs, animals and cats.

Tilly was with us for four weeks, she appears to have been used to a home environment, she certainly knew what a sofa was for and loved to cuddle up close. She never tried to jump up to get things from the kitchen work tops and caused no damage, she liked to move slippers around but never chewed them. On a couple of occasions, we found she had chewed a bit of kindling wood but it wasn’t a huge problem.

She did have a few “accidents” with weeing on the carpet in the first week although feel we may have given her access to the whole house too quickly, after the first week there were no further accidents. She preferred to poo off lead in the garden after a ‘mad’ run around but was getting used to doing this on lead while on her walks which she loved. She would sit at the back door and wait calmly while her harness was put on, gently lifting her paw so it could be fitted. She loved playing with toys and running around the garden but was settled after her walks. There were no problems leaving her when at work, although the maximum time we left her was five hours.

She was very gentle with us, with a little wet noise prodding us when she wanted a cuddle, she allowed us to remove food from her and would wait patiently and politely before she got it, she also was not possessive with her toys letting us take them from her. She retrieved and gave up balls. She travelled well in the car and appeared to be a very confident dog, nothing seemed to phase her. She did get excited sometimes when she saw other dogs on a walk, barking (no other barking was heard from her) and jumping a little but she also met other dogs while on her lead and was fine with them.

Tilly is a very clever dog and responded well to the training we gave her in the limited time she was with us.

If she was so lovely why did we not keep her? Simple or as it turned out to be not so simple, her tail. Our older dog used to get whipped in the eyes with it so many times (just being at the wrong height) when she was happy to see us, in the morning or evening when we returned from work. He then started to avoid contact and stopped playing with Tilly, which she really wanted to do. His eyes despite getting treated only got worse and we will have to wait and see if they recover. So reluctantly Tilly found herself back in Berwick, we are writing this as we hope it gives you a little insight into her personality and hope it helps Tilly to get all the walks and cuddles she wants and deserves.

Tilly is a rough coated girl
Tilly loves people
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