Toby is a nice boy who has just had his 2nd birthday. Toby has gained a few extra pounds but with correct diet and balanced exercise it wont take him long to drop those few inches. He is a great lover of his fruit and vegetables so with his love of celery in particularly there is no reason why he wont be able to enjoy a few treats.

Toby has a lovely soft face

Toby would be happy to be on the go all day. He is full of energy which is very typical of this breed. He is happiest out on a walk with his nose to the ground. His recall is said to be good but care would need to be taken when the scent may be that bit to strong an attraction for him. He also loves the water. He has little experience of young children so we will be looking for a home with perhaps teenage children (or not) to help with his exercise.

Toby enjoys the water

He is said to be good with dogs unless you are an English Bull Terrier. We are looking for a home that will give him the exercise and training he needs to enjoy life to the full.

Toby is a happy boy
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