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Wilson joined us a couple of months ago when the rescue he was staying in felt they may not be able to support his future medical needs and he was marked to be pts.

Since coming in he’s had several investigative tests and we now have a plan for his future needs going forward. In a nut shell he’s got one hip with mild dysplasia and the other a bit worse than mild. Currently it looks like we just need to keep him at his current weight, work and getting the muscles built up, no excessive hard exercise and in the future a possible need for pain meds and possibly surgery, but that is hopefully a long way down the road, maybe even if at all.

We have put him on the RAW diet to help his skin, he gets twice daily cleaning of his wrinkles. Nothing else is currently clinical significant.

So now our Wilson is ready to look for a new home. He has had a very checked passed with 5 homes prior to coming into us. He has some nervousness with all things new and walking outside is improving but not his favourite pass time, that is definitely cuddles.

Wilson has teamed up with a few pals at kennels but he is still very much a puppy. We are looking for a home committed to helping us give him the best future. A secure garden where he can continue the recovery process, someone prepared to build his confidence but understand this will be a long process and it may be Wilson may not ever feel total comfortable when faced with the unusual.

Wilson is a gentle soul and although we do not believe there would be any issues around resident children it may be they might encourage him to be just a bit to energetic which ultimately will not benefit his longer term needs of his legs.

If you feel you can offer the right home to Wilson, and live outside our normal rehoming area, are prepared to travel to see him, a lot please give us a ring to discuss if it might be a possibility.


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