Zeus (1)
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Zeus is a lovely boy who will be 8 in January. He suffers from separation anxiety but with time and patience this can become more manageable.

Zeus walks well on lead, although he does pull it is a slow steady pull

He has some good basics, loves a bottom scratch and is healthy. He does suffer from an eye issue which requires regular eye drops. B.A.R.K. will, if necessary, continue to cover the cost of his eye drop medication.

Mr Handsome

Zeus is currently fed raw food and this would need to continue in his new home.

We have found Zeus a sociable boy who loves human companionship. We have not had issues with him with dogs at kennels although we are told he doesn’t like black Labradors. He is an intelligent boy who knows who he can take a lend of and who he cant. Commitment to this boy will lead to the most lovely companion.