And still they keep coming in

There appears to be a never ending stream of kittens being found.  This morning two more came in from the Duns area.  Very pretty with sharp claws and teeth.  We’re sure they’ll come round as soon as they realise we’re a source of food.  These two are probably around the 12 weeks mark so still young enough to learn humans are all good.

Peter and Simon are very scared at the moment, but we hope to soon win them round

Stanley appears to just like being warm and cosy

There have been two cats on the industrial estate where the kennels are that have been around of a while.  A black and white female who is feral and sadly as yet we have been unable to catch.  She is the mother of some of the recent kittens we have had in.  She has gone to ground so we fear she is having another litter.  However, the cat, who we believe may be dad, has been coming to the kennels twice a day and trying to interact with the cats.  We started feeding him and providing shelter a month or so back and having gained his trust we set a trap for him on Monday night.  It worked first time and he was indeed an unneutered male, and a stunner.  He was neutered yesterday with a view to him going straight back out but the weather was so awful we decided to pop him in a cat run.  He didn’t appear particularly bothered, although is in a covered bed.  He’s eaten well a bit fuffy but we’ve managed to get a flea and worm spot on him so he maybe is enjoying the home comforts.  We’re going to see how things pan out for the next week, perhaps he was once someones cat or maybe he was born out, time will tell.  If he cant be rehomed we’ll make sure he has shelter and food and can continue to roam the estate but without liaisons with any female cats.