I've put in an application form what happens next


Thank you for your application.

1st please add our email address info@b-a-r-k.co.uk otherwise there is a chance any replies will go to your spam folder.  We may not be able to get back to everyone. Please keep a check on our website and facebook for updates. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Sorry we are so busy it can take time to get back to you.  You’d be surprised at how many applications we get where the applicant hasn’t read the needs of the animals, they all have to be read and it all takes time.  Although we do have an automatic spam folder for some specific details we still get a lot of applications
  2. Did you read the needs of the animals. For example if we have said there is a house training issue that we know of and you put you can not manage an animal with house training issues we aren’t going to look at your application any further.
  3. Do you fit the needs of the animal, so have you said you want an indoor cat and the cat you’ve applied for is and indoor outdoor cat.
  4. Have you applied for an animal where we have specified specific size needs and then detailed, for example, a hutch for a rabbit.
  5. Have you got other incompatible animals. Some dogs can not go with small animals, or indeed dogs.  Some cats don’t like other animals etc
  6. Have you applied for a ‘high interest’ animal, kittens, puppies, smaller dogs. We try to get back to everyone but sometimes some slip through the net.  You can always give us a ring after a couple of weeks and we can let you know what is happening.
  7. While we go through applications and get potential owners in it can hold up others coming in to see specific animals. We don’t feel it is kind to invite more than one person per animal in at a time as otherwise someone could be disappointed.  This does delay things.
  8. Above all we want what is right for the animals. Sometimes maybe we are too picky but we are all after the right home for the right animal.  We are only trying our best.

In more detail:

Did you read Things To Consider? Did you check you are within our rehoming area?  Did you check that the type of home you are offering is the type the animals is looking for?    Due to the huge amount of applications we receive it may take sometime to get back to you.  Unfortunately due to time constraints we are no longer able to routinely respond (although we will try). However if you clearly do not meet the basic criteria as set out on our Things to Consider page we are unable to repsond

If you are applying for a rabbit we will not consider any applications that do not have accommodation that as a minimum reach the RAWF standards.

Currently we are really busy and it make take up to two weeks to review all the applications although may be as quick as a couple of days, on average will be about a week unless the animals post says differently. If you have not heard from us in that time please do contact us either by email (preferred method) or by ringing us on 01289 306299

We do not reserve animals until seen. and after any checks. Far too many people don't turn up for appointments and this puts the animals at risk of not finding good homes.  We like appointments to be in the next couple of days after we contact you.  At which point we will temporary hold the animal for you.  We will discuss with you if we have any concerns the animals is not the right match. We would ask that you consider the needs of the animals we have in our care.

Have you applied for a "high interest" animal?  If you may need to be even more patient.  As an example 10 kittens brought in 300 applications in just under 8 hours.  A dog that can go to virtually any home recently got over 60 applications. You can see the problem.

We are unable to accept general applications.  If you do not refer to the animals you are applying for you application will automatically be archived.

Above all we thank you for your interest, please feel free after a few days to give us a ring if you feel something has gone wrong with your application.

What will you do with my application?

Once we've received your application the first thing we will do is check you are within our rehoming area.  Things are still difficult and our area is reduced.  Hopefully you checked out our Things to consider before rehoming page, before putting in your application. Sadly if you are outside our area we will be unable to proceed further with your application on this occasion.  We get a lot of application and we are no longer able to contact people outside our rehoming area.

If you are within our rehoming area we will then start the difficult process of going through all the applications for a particular animal.  This can take up to two weeks so please be patient. Sometimes we can be very busy at kennels and things go a bit haywire. However if your application does not meet the immediate needs of the animal we would not be able to proceed further (for example a dog where we have said no other animals and you currently have a dog)

Once we have a shortlist of applicants we would normally invite them in for a visit.

What does it mean if I am not chosen?

Under the conditions above, you will get an email from us.  Although we don't generally go into the specific reasons why you've not be successful on this occasion,  it is highly likely it is just down to the pure volume of applicants.  Don't let that put you off applying for a different animal you think is suitable.  Please consider if you have specific requirements, for example child and dog friendly, it is likely to be a much sort after pet.

So how do you decide?

That is a difficult one to answer. On the form there are questions that give us an insight into the type of animal you are looking for, we use those as a starting point.  Our top priority is the animal's needs.

We do not reserve animals until seen any any checks carried out. Far too many people don't turn up for appointments and this puts the animals at risk of not finding good homes.  We like appointments to be in the next couple of days after we contact you.  At which point we will temporary hold the animal for you, but this is no guarantee that we will rehome to your or that you will be the right home for the animal.  We would ask that you consider the needs of the animals we have in our care.  Thank you

Will you keep my application on file?

If you are successful in rehoming one of our animals your application will be attached to our copy of the adoption paperwork.  If you are not successful you application will be archived  when the animal goes to its new home.

Can you let me know what other animals might be suitable?

At the time of your applications we will most certainly go through with you any other animals we might think would be a good match. We can not keep applications on file past this as with the amount of enquiries compared to the amount of animals we get in this would be a mammoth task. We ask that you keep a check on our website for any possible matches.

I've applied for loads of animals and keep getting rejected?

Fortunately/sadly we just don't have enough animals to go around.  One recent dog had over 70 applications, 10 kittens had over a hundred, both included many who had applied before.  We take each application as a fresh application.

Lastly Please read the small print

We try to be a flexible rescue when it comes to rehoming.  We don’t have blanket restrictions on age, having or not having a garden, whether people are at home or not.  At the very core of our rehoming is finding the right animal for the right home.  We have very few indoor cats, not every cat will get on with other animals or can live with children, not every dog can live with other dogs, not every dog can live with cats or small furries, not every dog can live with children or be left alone, it isn’t about whether your children are awesome with animals, it is about whether the animal is awesome with children, some dogs will clear a 3 foot fence, some will have problems living upstairs.  Our policy is to find the right match for the right adopter.  Many adopters get angry and frustrated when they are not successful, often this is because they believe this is the perfect animal for them, others havent read the needs of the animal correctly and the animal just isn’t a suitable match.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t able to offer an excellent home to an animal, but sometimes it just isn’t the one they’ve set their heart on.

Social media is full of comments of how difficult it is to adopt from rescues.  In the main it is down to lack of suitable animals.  Don’t judge your desire to have any animal by their photos, consider instead whether you have what the animal needs.  We all just want it to be right and the very best chance of the adoption working forever.

Above all our priority is always putting the animal first and we will not place an animal in a home if we feel it is not right for the animal be that something specific or based on our general knowledge of the animal.