Molly and Mila (2)

Molly and Mila

Molly and Mila were born around April 2021. They have now be neutered and having recovered we are waiting until 8 weeks post op so they can be reintroduced as a pair. We are currently litter training them which is going well. We are looking for a new home for the pair of them where…


Guinea, Bob, Farthing & Florin

Guinea, Bob, Farthing & Florin were born on the 1st December 2021 and are looking for new homes in a minimum of pairs.


15/1/22 Penny, Tuppance, Thruppence & Sixpence – no more application for the girls please

Penny, Tuppance, Thruppence & Sixpence were born on the 1st of December and will be looking to go to new homes in a minimum of pairs at the start of February.

Scotty (4)

13/1/21 Scotty – no more applications please

Scotty was born 2016 and appears to be a loveable rogue However the reason he came in was because he suffers separation anxiety and would not stop barking in the home, sometimes even when the owners where in the house. This could continue to be problematical and the severity can not be underestimated. We haven’t…

Belle (3)

11/1/21 Belle is reserved.

Belle is around 6 years old and a very pretty girl. She is a very loving girl but will let you know when enough is enough.

Marbless (Small)

10/01 Marbles will be off to his new home once he has been castrated

Marbles was born on the 22nd of September this year. He is a very sweet boy who is looking for a home where he will eventually be bonded with another neutered rabbit once he is old enough to be neutered. Marbles should be ready to go to his new home around the 4th December. A…

Rosie (2)


Rosie was born around March 2013. She generally is a sweet girl with people and think she’s a lap dog but you do have to watch her body language when she’s had enough. She has a few pet hates vacuum cleaners, irons, dogs and cats. While it may sound appealing to not be able to…

Sasha-25-9-21-2-768x1024 (2)


PLEASE NOTE SASHA IS BEING REHOMED THROUGH AKITA RESCUE & WELFARE TRUST AND ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE MADE DIRECT TO THEM Although Sasha is currently staying at the BARK Kennels she is being adopted through Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust (UK) and all applications will need to be made through them. Please pop over to…

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Rusty, Biscuit, Peanut, Brownie & Bob

Rusty, Biscuit, Peanut, Brownie & Bob are just young gerbils born in early August. We are looking to rehome them either as a 5 or as a 2 and a 3. They are great characters, don’t mind being handled, very playful and love to explore. They will happily jump on to your hand if it…



Stevie came in after a road traffic accident. When no one was able to take responsibility for the vet bills BARK agreed to. She has now recovered beautiful albeit with just the 3 legs. This doesn’t stop her and she is a super girl. She has high prey drive and she is also far to…

Arthur (5)


Arthur was born around March 2016. Sadly he came into BARK after being involved in a road traffic accident. Although his owner was traced unfortunately they decided not to reclaim him so he is now looking for a new home. After an initial few “dodgy days” Arthur spent at the vets his first couple of…

Lenox (81


Lennox was born in 2014. He is very much a bull in a china shop but as you can see from the video below learns very quickly. He is very people friendly although we have picked up he has a tendency to mouth so would not be suited to children under 10. He is also…

Fraoch (1)


Sadly Fraoch is back with us sadly after her owner became ill and then her new home hasn’t worked out. She is a lovely girl and has settled back in to the kennels quickly. Fraoch can be sensitive soul around some dogs but we have been walking her with our bigger dogs and she is…

Scooby (2)


Scooby a large boy said to be a great dane cross but is more of a large lurcher. Scooby was born in November 2016. He is a big boy with great enthusiasm for life. Scooby would benefit from having some purpose in his life other than just causing mayhem. He is a boisterous boy who…

Biscuit has a happy face, but don't be fooled


Biscuit is a medium sized cross who is under two. Please note he is not a border terrier type and has staffie in him. When he came in it is fair to say he was a grumpy boy when he came in he did have a reasonable excuse as his skin was very sore. Once…

Enzo is back but at least he is happy.


Sadly Enzo is back with us Enzo is around 4 and has had a really rough start to life. You may recall he came in came in from what we believe was the same house as Tiggy. He was thin and his skin was in terrible condition. (see picture at the bottom of this post)…



Foggy has come on so well. Someone who lives locally and is prepared to spend a bit of time getting to know Foggy, has a secure garden, quiet home and prepared to spend time gaining Foggy’s trust what a lovely lad you’ll have. If you are prepared to travel to see Foggy daily until he…

How could anyone hurt this face?

Tiggy – A new beginning

Wednesday 15th January: Weight 20.1 Kilos And 42 days after we first saw our beautiful Tiggy she left without a backward glance. We all know she’s come a long way. She is now retiring from public life to enjoy what she deserves, the rest of her life. So many were touched by Tiggy, her strength,…

Tired now

Tiggy – The next Chapter

For Tiggy’s story please check out and Sunday 5th January 2020 So our cheeky girl is beginning to take over So since Tiggy came in she has probably had in excess of a hundred offers of a new home. Many suggested she stay with her foster home. But that was never going to…

Tiggy is turning into a bit of Diva

Mrs Tiggywinkle #2 – moving forward – We are not currently looking for a home for Tiggy

You can read the start of Tiggy’s journey at Donations can be made to BARK by going to our facebook page at and using the donate button or by paypal to (please use Friends and family option and BARK will receive 100% of your donation. An appeal to find her owner has…


Mrs Tiggywinkle has been rehomed

Tuesday 3rd December 2019: This was the first photo I saw of Tiggy. Weight just 10.85 kilos. Donations can be made to BARK by going to our facebook page at and using the donate button or by paypal to (please use Friends and family option and BARK will receive 100% of your donation.…