The BARK kennels have had to make adjustments in line with government guidance:

Anyone needing our help with rehoming their pets will need to contact the centre on 01289 306299 or by email via our contact page. Arrangements will be made to help.

If you are not in the group we are able to rehome to currently then please consider whether now is the right time to apply.  We cannot keep your applications on file, and these type of applications just increases our work load unnecessarily.  Thank you for your patience.

All of the below is subject to change based on current guidelines from the relevant Governments.  Please note any visits to the kennels for any reason will need a pre-arranged appointment.

Rehoming area:

27/4/21 We will continue to review our rehoming area. In England we are now able to cover within 15 miles of the kennels. Cross border travel is now allowed.  Therefore we are now able to incorporate areas up to and including Eyemouth, Chirnside and Coldstream north of the border.  We can not currently consider any further.  Our full rehoming conditions can be found towards the bottom of this page.

29/4/21 Dogs/Rabbits: Adopters may attend the rescue to meet an animal by appointment only. All introductions will take place outdoors in a COVID-secure manner wearing face covering and maintaining social distance. Two households may attend if it is in the dog’s best interests to do so.

Cats and other caged animals. Adopters may attend the rescue to meet an animal by appointment only. Introductions to two members of one household can take place inside in a COVID-secure manner wearing face covering and maintaining social distance.

Possible timings of change in rehoming area.  Please see above details for current position.

With restrictions appearing to ease we are aiming to change our rehoming process as follows:

Thursday 1st April 2021

Adopters may attend the rescue to collect an animal by appointment only as a single household or support bubble. All introductions will take place outdoors in a COVID-secure manner wearing face covering and maintaining social distance. As the government guidance has changed to stay local from stay home we will be able to invite people in from a larger area of between 12 and 16 miles. Cross border travel (that is outside your local authority area) is still not allowed so we can not currently rehome to Scotland (no matter how close sorry).

Thursday 14th April 2021 (If the English Government changes go ahead on the 29th March 2021 and this continues)

Dogs/Rabbits: Adopters may attend the rescue to meet an animal by appointment only. All introductions will take place outdoors in a COVID-secure manner wearing face covering and maintaining social distance. Two households may attend if it is in the dog’s best interests to do so. We will continue to maintain our rehoming area.  Cross border travel (that is outside your local authority area) is still not allowed so we can not currently rehome to Scotland (no matter how close sorry).

Cats and other caged animals. Adopters may attend the rescue to meet an animal by appointment only. Introductions to two members of one household can take place inside in a COVID-secure manner wearing face covering and maintaining social distance.

Thursday 6th May 2021

As Thursday 14th April above but additionally if the Scottish Government has allowed cross border travel we will increase our rehoming within a very local area of Scotland. This is likely to be Eyemouth, Chirnside and Coldstream at the furthest.

Thursday 20th May 2021 (if the target continue to be met by the Scottish and English Government)

We will start a monthly review of our rehoming area.

Update 12 MARCH 2021:  With the change to being allowed to meet one person in a public area we will now be able to invite one prospective owner to the kennels.  The government(s) (both for Northumberland and the Borders) still have a stay at home message so the area will be very limited (8 miles of the kennels, England only) to meet potential dogs.  This will be by strict appointment only.  For the moment we are still unable to accept donations at our kennels.   Sadly we are still not able to invite people from Scotland.

England guidelines can be found here

Scottish guidelines can be found here

Update 23 FEB 2021:  We are still not sure of the implications on the recent changes but we have been inundated with requests for updates.  So we are currently working as follows:

We are still unable to rehome across the border to Scotland.  Separate rules apply to England and Scotland and are at best confusing.  There has been no significant change in this.

We believe we may be able to invite people to the kennels to view animals, outside only from March 12th.  However, this will be only people from England and from a very reduced rehoming area.  We may be able to start extending our rehoming area in May, however this will be subject to the "route map" going as planned and a further look at the regulations. We do not know when we will be able to rehome to Scotland.

We will not compromise on the safety of our staff and subsequently our animals  on our procedures for rehoming animals and this will makes the whole process a lot slower.  It is probably more frustrating for us than adopters.

We are unable to take donations at our shop or kennels.

Update 5 JAN 2020:  England is now in Tier 5.  Effectively this means that the kennels will only be able to take in genuine welfare cases.  Stray dogs will continue to be dealt with by Northumberland County Council on 0345 600 6400.

Adoption of Dogs: We will still take applications for dogs but as we would be unable to make appropriate introductions it is unlikely we will be able to place specific dogs in homes until our Tier level reduces. There will be the odd exception but these will be very very limited.  We don't like it any more than you do, these restrictions aren't self inflicted they are to keep us all safe.  We will not guarantee to place any specific dog in a home during this time.  This decision would take place once Tier levels reduce.

Adoption of Cats and other animals:  We will still take applications for cats and other animals.  We may be able to consider rehoming to appropriate homes subject to certain checks.  However you will NOT be able to meet them before rehoming.  One of our staff will deliver following Covid guidelines.  Paperwork would be done remotely.  We will need to feel confident that there is a high chance of the adoption working, but we will be on hand if necessary to bring any unsuitable animal back into kennels.  Our rehoming area is very restricted (within just a few miles form kennels) and will not include across the border to Scotland.

Update 26 NOV 2020:  Northumberland has been put into tier 3 from the 3rd December.  This effectively means we are very limited on how we can rehome the animals from that date.  These measures are temporary, but we are all unsure of for how long but will certainly apply to the rest of 2020.  We will not rehome animals to homes over the Holiday period, 18th December to 3rd January.

Cats:  We may be able to rehome cats to the immediate area, within 8 miles of kennels.  It is unlikely we will be able to rehome into Scotland but please check with us first.

Dogs:  It is unlikely we will be able to rehomed dogs except in exceptional circumstances. We will not be able to rehome any dogs to Scotland, this is because we will not encourage people to travel across the border unnecessarily. If we are able to consider rehoming a dog it will need to a home already known to us (had a dog off us before and already had a home check) and within very close proximity to the kennels.  In these exceptional circumstances arrangements will be made to meet the dog before hand.  Dogs that need extra time to get to know and owner are unlikely to be able to be viewed this year due to the need for consistency.

Others: We may be able to rehome non cats and dogs to the immediate area, within 8 miles of kennels.  It is unlikely we will be able to rehome into Scotland but please check with us first.

We will still take animals in where it is necessary and on welfare grounds.

This is a temporary change to our normal rehoming area but necessary.  Sorry.

Update: 6 NOV 2020:  BARK has now had to close the kennels to all visitors.  This means that it is not possible to view any animals, for any reason.  We are still, under DEFRA guidelines, allowed to take animals in on welfare grounds.  So if you need our help please do contact us.

We are continuing with the rehoming of the kittens recently advertised and those who have been shortlisted will be contacted to discuss the next steps over the course of the next 7 days.  Please be patient as we are all just trying to make our way through a different and complex set of rules and regulations.

(update 14 SEP 2020)
We have had to restrict our rehoming further due to the ever changing guidance on Covid.  This will be reviewed on a weekly basis (or sooner if guidance changes).  This will effectively mean dogs can only be rehomed within specific areas as well as kittens.  Adult cats may be able to go further afield but there will be lots of factors involved.

Please email us at if you wish to clarify if we can consider your area before applying. That would be appreciated.

Normal rehoming conditions (These are subject to change during the current pandemic and we have a very reduced rehoming area, not as detailed below.  Everything is subject to change without notice.  Please be understanding through these difficult times, thank you)


All potential owners will need to complete an application form from our website. These can be currently be found on the individual animal pages.

You will be asked to confirm before coming to the kennels and on arrival at the kennels that you do not have any symptoms of Covid, you do not believe you have been in contact with anyone who may have had or has symptoms.

We will offer a strict appointment basis. We will only allow two people from the same household at kennels. Time will need to be limited to 10 minutes in all areas except dogs.

We will have hand cleanser for you to use on arrival and departure from the kennels.

We ask that all visitors bring their own mask and wear it at all times when on premises.

We are still not accepting any donations of food or other animal stuff from 'houses' at our kennels. All items would have to be quarantined and we sadly just don't have the space. Our shop is taking donation of items to sell in our shop. We would ask that you go to the back of our shop (via the Maltings Car Park) between 10 and 12 Tuesday to Friday only. All items will be quarantined for a minimum 72 hours.

These guidelines are subject to change without notice.

More details on current guidelines or what to do if you have any concerns can be found at

Please before looking for, and hopefully finding a pet from our care, read and think about things to consider before adoption.

BARK Protect

Conditions of Rehoming


Please note that we cannot be certain of the history of any of our animals. If you are successful in your application to visit the particular animal you are applying for we will tell you everything we know or have found out during their time with us. The details on our website are a brief summary and will be updated as we learn more.  If it does not say something it does not mean it is or is not true. For example if there is no mention of cats that does not mean they can live with cats or visa versa. If a particular aspect of the animal's behaviour is essential to your application please either ring to check beforehand or state in your application form.

Completed application forms required and when appropriate to do so we will contact you to arrange an appointment at the kennels. We do not allow general look around the kennels unless on one of our Official Open Days which are held throughout the year. These will be advertised on our website and on our Facebook page. Please do not turn up at the kennels unless you have a confirmed appointment as your journey will be wasted, you will not be able to come in and you will have taken time away from the animals. You will be required to confirm that you have no symptoms of Covid, have not been in contact with any one with or showing symptoms of Covi and you have no reason to suspect you may have had any exposure to Covid.  Please note as a minimum we will need proof of ID and address before anyone can take a dog out for a walk.

Why do you want a pet? Pets may be with you for many years. If the pet is for a child, how long will that child remain interested and when that interest has worn off are you prepared to give the pet the attention it will continue to need?

Are you about to have a life changing event? Moving home, new baby – this is not the time to get a new pet. Please consider very carefully rehoming an animal if you have a child under 6 months. Sadly we receive a lot of animals from homes with babies of this age.  Often youngsters do get rashes, breathing issues etc, one of the first things health professionals ask is if there are any animals in the home. Their  recommendation is often to rehome the animals.

Are you going on holiday in the next four months? If so and you are interested in getting a dog, please contact us when you come back off holiday.

Can you afford a pet? Have you considered insurance and if not how would you pay for an unexpected emergency. Are you prepared to maintain a parasite control program, and one that works? Vaccinations must be carried out yearly and in some cases 6 monthly. Our animals are not eligible for cover under the PDSA scheme. Have you taken into account our adoption fee, which is far less than the cost of routine veterinary treatment.

How many hours are you planning on leaving the animal alone? Is this an appropriate length of time?

How much time do you have for the animal, sun, wind, rain and snow?

All dogs under one year must be enrolled in at least a 6 week training class.

What will you do with your pet while on holiday? If using a boarding facility do you know a local facility and do you know the costs?

Don’t expect to take an animal home the first time you come to us.  Once we have all agreed the right animal for you, including any necessary home checks.  We would ask that your new pet joins you within the next 4 days.

We do not allow any of our animals to go as a surprise.

You must be over 21 to adopt a dog. Over 18 to adopt an other type of animal.

We do not rehome to homes with children under 6 months, or homes that anticipate a pregnancy, adoption or fostering of a child in the next year.

We ask for an adoption fee for all our animals. This is non-refundable and does not cover even the basic costs of the animals in our care.  The minimum fee is £150 for dogs, £200 for puppies, £90 for kittens, £75 for cats, £50 for rabbits neutered, £20 for guineas (these will generally have to go in pairs), £10 for other small furries, £15 for ferrets, from £15 for birds (Budgies £15 a pair, Parakeet £20, Cockatoo £60, Small Parrot type £50, Large Parrots type POA) . A £20 deposit is payable on agreed reservation and is non-refundable in the event you no longer decide to rehome the animal.  Generally this adoption fee does not cover even the basic costs of BARK for the adopted animal. Please consider an extra donation.  Thank you!

On collection of your new pet the adoption fee is payable and you will be required to sign our adoption rehoming conditions. This includes in the event a rehoming fails, for any reason, you must contact us to arrange an appointment to return the animal into our care. The animal must not be given to a third party without our prior consent.

All our dogs and cats and rabbits must be neutered, breeding is not allowed from any of our animals for any reason, and vaccinated. If these procedures are not carried out before the animal leaves us they must be carried out at the earliest opportunity and proof provided. If the procedures are carried out at Galedin, who have branches at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Coldstream, Kelso, Galashiels, Eyemouth and Duns, we will provide a voucher that will cover the entire cost. These costs will not be covered at any other vets.

All dogs, cats and rabbits require regular worming and flea treatments and a yearly health check-up and booster vaccinations. Please check with your vet for the approximate costs of these. Galedin vets have a pet health Plan which covers these costs and is well worth considering. More information can be found at

All animals must be registered with a vet.

All dogs and cats will come with four weeks free insurance with Pet Plan. On a policy issued at kennels all animals are covered for ill health and accident from day one (excluding any pre-existing conditions). It is highly recommended that this cover is continued.

All animals are vet checked. However there may be undetected health problems that occur and you agree to cover the cost of these. If there are any problems in the first two weeks please contact us immediately.

We will advise of all known health and behavioural issues. However, due to the nature of rescue, there may be problems that are undetected. You agree to contact us immediately in the event you have any concerns. We offer life time back up to all our animals.  We often know very little about the animals. Unless we have history of adult dogs living with cats we are very unlikely to rehome with cats. If dogs are suitable to go with cats this will usually be listed on their description.

In the event of any animal needing to come back to us you agree you will make arrangements to bring the animal back at an appointed time. We cannot collect.

All animals come with a voucher for 10% off your first purchase at Direct Pets instore


We carry out home checks for all our dogs. For this reason our normal rehoming area for dogs is within a 15 mile area of the kennels. Occasionally, subject to the dog having had all vaccinations and veterinary treatment, this area can be extended and if we have a home checker that covers that area although sometimes it may not be possible to place particular animals in those areas due to support we believe necessary. Please note all home checks are carried out by volunteers. We are currently limiting our area due to COVID-19 and are only covering areas very close to the kennels.

After the threat of COVID virus has reduced we may be able to cover additional including Alnwick, Seahouses, Rothbury, Morpeth, Hawick. These areas can not currently be considered. Please note that when a home check takes place we base this on the suitability of your home and lifestyle (not the décor!). Please ensure the home is as it will be when you take the dog (eg if you plan to put up a fence it must be in place at time of home check).

All pet dogs by law must wear a collar and tag at all times with a minimum of your name and address. This must be in place on collection of one of our dogs.  All our dogs are microchipped and details will be updated to the new owner together with BARK’s contact details. It then becomes the owner’s responsibility to keep these details up-to-date at all times (and within 21 days of any change). Failure to do so at best will result in a fine, at worst will result in the permanent loss of your dog.

All dogs, unless previously agreed, in writing, must be kept as a house dog.

If you have another dog arrangements must be made for them to visit the centre and meet any possible new dog under supervision, there will need to be at least one handler for each dog. This cannot be done on the first visit. During the current Covid pandemic there will be restrictions put on us and this may change from time to time.

On collection your dog you will need an identification tag, collar, lead and food (we will advise on his/her current diet).


All our cats are vaccinated, neutered, deflead and wormed as appropriate. All cats are microchipped as this offers extra protection for your cat should it be found as a stray. We will transfer the microchip details to the new owner and it then becomes the owners responsibility to keep these details up-to-date at all times

If you have a genuine interest in one of our cats we will arrange for you to view them.

We do not allow our cats to go to new homes the same day they are seen.

We do not carry out home checks for our cats but need proof of address and details of which vet you will be registered with.

On collecting your new cat you will need a cat box (plastic not card), litter and tray, bed and food (we will advise on his/her current diet)

All cats, unless previously agreed in writing, must be allowed, after a suitable time, access to both inside and outside areas. We do not allow our cats to be kept as house cats only.

To adopt a cat from us we will need to be sure he/she will be safe when he/she is finally let out (most cats should be kept in from a minimum of 3 weeks). We will also need proof of address and details of your vet.

Small 'Furries' and Birds

To adopt a rabbit or guinea pig from us we will need to see photographs of his/her living accommodation and the garden, proof of address and details of your vet.

We would strongly recommend consulting the Rabbit Welfare Association, especially their page on correct housing Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF).

Please consider the size of the accommodation for your rabbit. Double hutches although they appear "large" by the time you take out the area missing to get to the other floor and the ramp taking up the floor space there isn't much room left.

To adopt any other type of animal from us as a minimum we will need to see photographs of his/her living accommodation, proof of address and details of your vet.

All our rabbits are neutered, vaccinated and wormed as appropriate.

If you are getting one rabbit to bond with another, both must be neutered.

Under no circumstances do we allow rabbits and guinea pigs to be housed together.

We will use your personal data only when legally permitted to enable us to perform the contract between us, where we need to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation or where it is necessary for our legitimate interest and where your interest and fundamental rights do not override these interests.

Sample adoption agreement

Sample adoption