Inside The Kennels

If someone has a genuine interest in offering a home to one of our dogs we will get them out and they can go for a walk, a much nicer way to meet a new companion…..and this is why.

If we allowed people in to the dog kennel area this would disturb them and cause them to be very unsettled.  Often people bring children to ‘just look round’ with no genuine interested in either the work we do or offering a home to an animal.  We all know the feeling of never getting 5 minutes peace!   They can relax and enjoy their ‘den’ and a place they feel safe. We hate taking photos or videos of the dogs behind bars but hopefully this video will show you how relaxed they all are. They have access in and out during the day. In this video they had been temporarily locked inside while their outside runs were being cleaned (except Takara who just loves to be outside and will determinedly stay outside when she thinks she’s going to be made to stay in). They were all tucked up in bed, quiet as mice, relaxed, with only the camera to disturb them. One or two of them had had their beds outside and had been sleeping in their outside runs, soaking up the sun, but rest assured they are always tucked up nice and cosy at night.