Shadow (2)


Shadow is just a youngster we understand had some housetraining issues in his home. He has only recently been neutered and this together with being an only cat will pay dividends. He is an affectionate boy who is fairly confident but we feel that despite his bravado he lacks a bit of confidence. A gentle…



Bonnie is a petite girl around 3 years old. She has had an unsettled few months but you can see what a gentle soul is waiting to come out. She will need a quieter home with time for her to become adjusted to her new surrounds. She is already showing her softer side. Bonnie can…



Gus we believe is around 5 years old. He has recently been neutered and started his vaccinations. He is a loving boy who appears to enjoy human company and his food. There is little that will become between Gus and his food.

Manny (1)


We think Manny has had a bit of a rough start to life. Those looking after him arranged to bring him in so he is able to look for a safe and loving home. We think Manny is around 4 years old. He appears to have a good nature but prefers not to be over…

Fennel (1)


We don’t know a huge amount about Fennel’s history except he had been sleeping rough for some considerable years. Although we believe Fennel might have a slight “street cat” side so far he has shown himself to be loving and affectionate if slightly fearful of hands. He has a lovely gentle side and will offer…



Izzy is around 10 years old and has very pretty colouring. She has been living with Lola but we haven’t found them particularly keen on each other’s company and have now popped them in separate pens which they appeared to have benefited from. It may be they would be happier together in a home environment.…