20/5/22 Charlie we are not taking any more enquires currently for Charlie

Charlie is just a year old and a sweet boy.  He is very friendly and has lived with other cats.  He is being neutered the second week of May and will start his vaccinations, get microchip and will then be ready to go to  a new home. He has lived with other cats but not…



George came in having been picked up with an injured eye. Everyone though he must be a semi feral cat as he was so grumpy but this appears to have been down the the pain he was in with his eye. He had to have an emergency operation to remove his eye and has never…


19/5/22 Sooty & Sweep – should be off home shortly

Sooty and Sweep are under a year old and brother and sister. Sooty is a little bit shy but soon comes round and Sweep just loves a fuss and a bother. We are looking for these two to be rehome together. These two have lived with a small dog (pug size) so may settle with…

Tallulah (2)


Tallulah came in in a bit of a sorry state.  Test revealed she was suffering from hypothyroidism.  Fast forward a few months and with treatment her levels are down and she is a lot more relaxed cat.  She is eating well, slowly putting on weight and just generally a lovely girl who loves her cuddles.…

Oscar (2)


Oscar came in with JoJo and Milo but is a bit older than them at 4 years. He is the more timid of the three but once you gain his trust he’s happy with a fuss and bother. He could go to a home on his own although he does appear particularly bonded with JoJo.



JoJo is around 2 year and came in with Oscar and Milo. Se is settling now and loves a bit of a fuss and bother. Se could go to a home on her owner but does appear very bonded with Oscar


Henry & BooBoo

Henry & BooBoo came in to us after their owner died. They have had an awful time and we are looking for a very special home for them. We believe their are both between 4 and 8 years old. BooBoo appears in good health and although currently very timid will accept a gentle approach and…