Molly and Mila (2)

Molly and Mila

Molly and Mila were born around April 2021. They have now be neutered and having recovered we are waiting until 8 weeks post op so they can be reintroduced as a pair. We are currently litter training them which is going well. We are looking for a new home for the pair of them where…


Take a look at these dogs staying at other rescues

The dogs below are not staying at the BARK Kennels. More details on the dogs below and how to apply can be found by following this link direct to the rescue’s website


Guinea, Bob, Farthing & Florin

Guinea, Bob, Farthing & Florin were born on the 1st December 2021 and are looking for new homes in a minimum of pairs.


15/1/22 Penny, Tuppance, Thruppence & Sixpence – no more application for the girls please

Penny, Tuppance, Thruppence & Sixpence were born on the 1st of December and will be looking to go to new homes in a minimum of pairs at the start of February.

Scotty (4)

13/1/21 Scotty – no more applications please

Scotty was born 2016 and appears to be a loveable rogue However the reason he came in was because he suffers separation anxiety and would not stop barking in the home, sometimes even when the owners where in the house. This could continue to be problematical and the severity can not be underestimated. We haven’t…

Belle (3)

11/1/21 Belle is reserved.

Belle is around 6 years old and a very pretty girl. She is a very loving girl but will let you know when enough is enough.

Marbless (Small)

10/01 Marbles will be off to his new home once he has been castrated

Marbles was born on the 22nd of September this year. He is a very sweet boy who is looking for a home where he will eventually be bonded with another neutered rabbit once he is old enough to be neutered. Marbles should be ready to go to his new home around the 4th December. A…

Rosie (2)


Rosie was born around March 2013. She generally is a sweet girl with people and think she’s a lap dog but you do have to watch her body language when she’s had enough. She has a few pet hates vacuum cleaners, irons, dogs and cats. While it may sound appealing to not be able to…

Sasha-25-9-21-2-768x1024 (2)


PLEASE NOTE SASHA IS BEING REHOMED THROUGH AKITA RESCUE & WELFARE TRUST AND ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE MADE DIRECT TO THEM Although Sasha is currently staying at the BARK Kennels she is being adopted through Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust (UK) and all applications will need to be made through them. Please pop over to…