The Kennels are open by appointment only

The BARK kennels are now cautiously reopening but are operating an appointment only system and inviting potential owners to the kennels to view specific animals. We will continue to follow Government guidelines to keep our animals you and and our staff safe.


All potential owners will need to complete an application form from our website. These can be currently be found on the individual animal pages. If the animal is not listed then it is not currently looking for a new home.

We would ask that if you have any signs or symptoms of covid you postpone your visit.  Staffing at the kennels is limited and it is difficult having staff off on holiday and sick.  Thank you for your understanding.

We will offer a strict appointment basis.

We will have hand cleanser for you to use on arrival and departure from the kennels.


BARK Fund Raise

We appreciate all donations

Items for our shop:

We would ask they are taken direct to our shop who will arrange to sort them from there. We would ask that you go to the back of our shop (via the Maltings Car Park)

Please before looking for, and hopefully finding a pet from our care, read and think about Things to consider before adoption.

Items for our Kennel:

We are able to accept

  • all unopened dry food except working dog food and Tails product
  • all cans and pouches in jelly except working dog food and Tails
  • RAW dog food - but please check before bringing
  • all cat treats and all dogs treats except raw hide type products
  • all clean bedding but NOT duvets, duvet covers, pillows, cushions, sheets and pillow cases
  • Plastic dog and cat beds, padded dog and cat beds.  However some of these may be unsuitable for kennels so we would pass on to our shop to sale.
  • We are unable to use, hay, stray and sawdust
  • Dog crates. However some of these may be unsuitable for kennels so we would pass on to our shop to sale
  • Bird cages, vivarium, hamster cages gerbilariums but please check with us before bringing.
  • We do not accept any type of rabbit cage or hutch - For the reasons why please see RAWF



Shop Opening Times

Our shop is currently open Tuesday to Saturday between 9:30 and 12:30.  We are able to accept donations of items to sell at our shop between 10 and 12 via the rear of the shop, accessed by the Maltings Car Park