Lily's Shopping List


Lily will get everything she needs to lead as fulfilling life as we can provide.  It is not what any of us wanted but we truly love Lily and she us, she is now with us (unless legislation changes) for the rest of her life.

We will use this page to list some of the thing that will help support Lily.  Either directly (so a toy for example) or indirectly (a financial gift to support the rescue in general and hence her)

We thank you for ALL your support in any form, you good wishes for Lily over this difficult time can not have a value put on them but has made all the difference to us.  Thank you

General running costs

Although we are committed to applying to exempt Lily and we have a two week window from 31st December 2023 to 14th January 2024, we still don't know what this will mean in the way of increased running costs.

These are the basics:

Exemption fee - £92.40

Muzzle - £165 (x 2)*

Additional insurance - ??

Additional staffing - We don't yet know whether we can only use paid staff but Lily will need extra to keep her brain mentally active.

Veterinary costs: Lily is, of course, already neutered. We're going to keep her healthy as can.  Estimated - £30 - 50 a month

Food -  £60 a month

If you would like to support B.A.R.K. financially please check out our Just Giving page.  Just Giving can also be set up if you would like to organise a fundraising event in aid of B.A.R.K.


*(We have ordered a made to measure one so it will be the most comfortable it can be - in the meantime she will be using a standard muzzle when it is necessary)  Once we are happy with the fit we will order a 2nd one - These are £165 each



Orthopedic Bed

You have  been very kindly donating towards Lily and other animals in the kennels.

Lily can be a little bit destructive and this bed comes with 1 years guarantee so with your support we put one on order.  It arrived on the 6th January was made up and it's fair to say so far so good and she loves it.   Thank you very much.  #Barksupportersarethebest




Squeezy Cheese

An absolute favourite with all the dogs and some of the cats.  At various times this can be bought for around £1 ish at local supermarkets.    This is great to reward Lily for wearing a muzzle.


Dinner time

Lily has slightly sensitive skin and this food suits her well.  It is around £60 a bag which last her 50 days if fed alongside a smaller version of the same food as treats or  30 days if fed exclusively


Snack Time

We use the same food she is on a but in a smaller as the majority of her treat, we stick the odd extra tasty one in to keep her interested.  In time she'll not needs so many but for the moment we need to keep her engaged on walks.


We've put some items on Lily's Shopping List on Amazon and will update it on a regular basis.


Thank you