Lost & Found Animals

Please if you recognise any of these animals contact THE KENNELS on 01289 306299 or e-mail rehome@aol.com If you have lost an animal we will willingly post their details on this page but would ask you to keep us informed when you are reunited. Cats, especially have a habit of hiding and getting locked in in sheds so if you live in the local are of a lost cat please check all out buildings. Thank you.

STRAY DOGS – If you have found a stray dog please contact your local council – some details at the bottom of this page.

STRAY CATS – Although it is difficult to ignore a cat when it is telling you it is hungry, please look at its condition. If it well fed, groomed and looking well it is probably just pulling your leg that it is hungry and lost. Please don’t feed it or encourage it by giving it attention. By their very nature cats tend to go exploring and by giving a cat what it thinks it needs you may well be depriving an owner of their cat. If you continue to see the cat around for a week and you are sure it does not belong to your immediate neighbours you could put a collar on it with a note asking any owner to contact you (or us as long as we have full details). However, if you think it is unwell contact a vet or ourselves for further advice.

We now list all lost and found pets on our facebook page. This appears to have a wider audience and has the added benefit of our supporters being able to share the information with their friends.

Please check out our facebook page at Bewick Animal Rescue Kennels and help to spread the word about lost and found pets.


Local Councils have sole responsibility for all stray dogs (except dangerous dogs which still remain the responsibility of the police). Northumberland County has been working with other organisations to ensure the welfare of stray dogs. People who find a stray dog during normal office hours should contact Northumberland Council on 0845 6006400 Outside those time for urgent cases where a stray dog has been secured and requires boarding public should ask for the out of hours number. In most cases a boarding facility can be proved up to 10 pm 7 days a week.

For further information on the Council’s duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 please click here Northumberland County Council
If you find a stray dog in Northumberland please contact Northumberland Council on 0845 6006400


If you find a stray dog in the Scottish borders please contact 01361 882600 and ask for the Dog Warden Service.