Open Day

We had our open day on Saturday (28th October). To say it was busy was an understatement. Lots of people in looking at our animals. Of course the kittens and puppies attracted the most visitors. Poor Archie once again getting overlooked for the younger or prettier dogs. (I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if we’re honest being a staffie, a male, and a brindle is all against this really very lovely lad) No one enquired about Archie, maybe this week they will. Surely he wont have to spend another Christmas with us?

We were delighted when our feline trio, Snowy, Tink and Belle got offered a home together. They ended up together by mistake after a previous open day. Somehow they all ended up in the same run and tucked up together. Snowy took the pair of them under his paw and all were so much happier. Tink will happily have a head run, Belle loves to play and Snowy just looks on at his charges with a contented look on his face. They are going to take time to settled into their new home. Fingers crossed for them.

Of course the puppies got loads of interest and we’ll be going through all the applications early this week. Beagles aren’t the easiest of dogs to train (if they can be trained at all!) but loving, you couldn’t get more so. We hope that Mum and Dad (Mia and Ben) also have the chance of a home.