The wonder of mother nature

Yesterday we took in three kittens about 3 or 4 weeks old that were found by the road side.  Apparently healthy, and certainly with healthy appetites. Lucille had just finished feeding her 5 so we though we’d see if she would help us out.  She wasn’t a natural mother when her kittens were born, she accepted three but rejected two immediately, but as a first time mum at just a year old it must have been very overwhelming.  With a bit of encouragement she managed to bring up 5 strapping youngsters.

She has almost accepted these three, she is feeding them but appears to feed them better just after we have bottle fed them, but she has just started cleaning them.  Hopefully it wont be long before they start to eat on their own, but for the moment she has certainly helped alleviate some of the pressure on us as we are able to leave them with her overnight.  Nature can be a wonderful thing.  In the video below you can’t hear how they are all, mum included just purring and purring.