Vet visit day

We are lucky to have our vets, Galedin, so close.  It’s vet visit today.  Nothing particularly exciting.  14 vaccinations and check ups plus we’re a bit concerned about one of our rabbits so a check over by the vet will hopefully sort that out.  Fortunately today is not the day for all the kittens to receive their first vaccination, that day will be a trial for everyone.  The kittens always decide they want to be somewhere else and with them all either black or black and white keeping the ones already checked out from the ones needing checked out is always, lets say interesting!  As all our cats and dogs leave us microchipped, microchipping is one of the ways we can make sure we know who has and hasn’t been done but when they’re so small we just hate doing it.  There has been a new microchip come out which has a smaller diameter and this has made things  a bit easier but we still always feel bad, but they do forgive us fairly quickly especially when there’s food around.

Graham Bell, who takes our good photos (you’ll know when they’re not his!) is in again today.  Yesterday he took photos of all the dogs bar one and today it is the turn of the one dog left plus kittens, rabbits, snakes, tortoise and hamster.  A good photo makes a real difference, it’s still the same animal but they do get the chance of a new home quicker.