Teddy was born in November 2014.  He is very bright and will make an excellent agility dog.  He is slightly bigger than a large terrier size.

Teddy loved the beach

Teddy giving us a big grin


Teddy recently went to the beach for a break away from the kennels.  Think it’s fair to say he loved it!


We think he is best summed up by what his previous owners have had to say about him.

“Likes to roll in anything revolting given the chance and will eat anything he finds too.

Showing off his sit.

It took him a while to work it out but he made it to the top.  See video at bottom of page

Teddy would be just brilliant at agility and is so keen to please.

Knows sit, lie down, roll over, wait, paw, high 5, speak. He is a very accomplished thief!.  He will eat anything he can get his paws on, mostly steals for attention and will parade his prize up and down.

He likes a snuggle and will cry to get into the tumbler drier as soon as it stops! Will get as small as needed so he can be completely on your lap. Loves to be covered with a blanket.

Teddy has some good basic commands

Not a great traveller and has to be muzzled at the vet.  However he knows this and pretty much put his nose in all on his own.  he doesnt bear a grudge and loves the vet before and after.

He is on James Wellbeloved lite as this is a food that suits him.  He does like his fruit and vet too, raw carrots, peppers, blueberries, strawberries and apples.  His favourite are bananas.

In the summer he suffers from mild allergies but has liquid piriton and will happily take this from a spoon.

He is nervous of other dogs, but has happily played with those he knows, the exception being German Shepherds which he always barks at.

He is very overexcited by visitors, jumps a lot.  It is then that he can get carried away when playing and starts mouthing.  A sharp “teeth” and he stops.  However it would not be suitable to rehome Teddy with children.

Teddy has a lovely happy face

He is terrified of fireworks and barks at them repeatedly.  He has a thundershirt and some rescue remedy.  However he is getting more anxious each year so it may be the support of a vet will be needed.

Here Teddy is working out just how he can get those treats and he did it!

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