Tiggy – A new beginning

Tiggy – A new beginning

How could anyone hurt this face?
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Wednesday 15th January: Weight 20.1 Kilos

And 42 days after we first saw our beautiful Tiggy she left without a backward glance.

How could anyone hurt this face?

We all know she’s come a long way. She is now retiring from public life to enjoy what she deserves, the rest of her life. So many were touched by Tiggy, her strength, determination, personality, zest for life, cheekiness and will to survive.

Animal Cruelty is NEVER OK, there is no excuse, embarrassed to ask for help, not as embarrassed as when everyone says your name followed by animal abuser. If you see it happening, report it. Stand up and be counted.

Before & After
Before and after. Same bed, same dog, far too small now


28 November, 2020

Mrs Tiggywinkle has been rehomed

18 December, 2019

Tiggy – A new beginning

15 January, 2020


23 June, 2020

Mrs Tiggywinkle #2 – moving forward – We are not currently looking for a home for Tiggy

20 December, 2019


17 April, 2021


10 November, 2020


17 April, 2021


6 November, 2020


17 March, 2021