Lola (4)
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Lola is just 2 years old and has had a rubbish start having had five homes and from the story we have been told none of those had anything to do with Lola, after all that she was then due to be put to sleep, which is when we took her.

She has been very well behaved at kennels and although we understand she took a “pop” at a dog once, she has general ignored them in kennels but caution is needed. She is walking well on lead, loves to play and is very loving.  She sometimes gives mixed messages with her body language.

She is some type of husky cross? We have no history with children so would be looking for a home without resident children.

It is likely has some guarding issues and any home would need to take this very much into consideration when she joined a new home. She would need a secure garden and to not be left for too long. Lola needs ongoing training as well as some extra training, so for example parkor or extended obedience. If you think you might meet Lola’s needs please complete and return an application form.

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