Mrs Tiggywinkle has been rehomed

Mrs Tiggywinkle has been rehomed

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Tuesday 3rd December 2019: This was the first photo I saw of Tiggy. Weight just 10.85 kilos.

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An appeal to find her owner has been made by Northumberland County Council, please click here for more information.

Meeting Mrs Tiggywinkle for the first time 4th December 2019

I thought she was dead, and had been for some time but this little girl had a fighting spirit and somehow managed to hang on until she got picked up the the dog warden. All our hearts just broke. At that point she collapsed unable to walk. She was taken straight to the vet. Apart from a body score of 0, her skin was infected with Cheyletiella, (which was treated with a spot on) you couldn’t say fur she had none, her iron levels were low, her body temperature just 34.8. (instead of a minimum of 38) An RVN took her home for the night where she had meals every other hour and every alternate hour she had specialist liquid supplement. Understandably her tummy was loose. Arrangements were made to bring her into BARK the following day.

Wednesday 4th December 2019: The name Mrs Tiggywinkle was chosen as we thought she need a grand name, of course it was immediately shortened to Tiggy. Tiggy’s temperature was up to nearing normal but a more sorry state none of us had every seen. When she got out the dog wardens van, she had a pee and her legs gave way, she was carried in.

Tiggy just arrived, exhausted and shut down.

Tiggy was booked to see our vets that afternoon. We had already gone out and bought her a very squidgy bed and a couple of jumpers to keep her warm, she came with a Christmas Pudding one which had been donated. The description ‘skin and bone’ match her exactly and all our hearts broke for what she must have suffered.

Tiggy curls up so small, she has no strength in her at all.

Tiggy went to see our vets and her recovery plan was in place. She has been put on ID food and lots and lots of small meals. No one who saw Tiggy could say anything except the occasional ‘Oh’ She willingly accepted every caress but these were difficult as all you could feel were her bones through her jumper and everyone was worried about hurting her.

1st night at home, emergency run for coal so the fire could burn all night for her.

She went home with one of the staff that night and curled up in her bed near the fire and just slept.

Skin and bone, Tiggy can’t regulate her own temperature

Thursday 5th December 2019: Tiggy had a good night, kept company by the husband of the house she was stopping at who slept with her all night. She was in good spirit and made an attempt to get up, not least because there was food in the kitchen. She spent the day in the office at the kennels, sleeping most of the day, save for the occasional need to ensure the office floor was kept mopped! She did not like going outside and it was such an effort for her, housetraining could come later.

The husband of the house slept downstairs with Tiggy for the first 3 nights. On the 4th night she was happy to be on her own

The vet had prescribed Malaseb baths. Of course the BARK grooming room still hasn’t been done (Promised for February 2020) so a message was sent to Claire at Wot-A-Clip, could she do a Malaseb bath for us. Claire will always help us out although she must have been confused why we couldn’t just do it ourselves in our bath, an immediate response came back of yes of course, 6 tonight. Like all of us Claire found Tiggy’s condition difficult to grasp. Was she ill or was it purely malnutrition and lack of care? Tiggy took well to being sponged with her treatment and she was wrapped up warm curing the customary 10 minute wait. She was wary of the shower to rinse but it was warm so she tolerated it well. She took virtually no drying, there was no hair there. Sadly when she shook she had to be supported to save her falling over.

Another night with the husband of the house for company.

Friday 6th December 2019: Weight 11.1 kilos – a little up but definitely up!

Finally relaxing, quite happy to be a lap dog

The change this morning was visible, she got up and managed to stay on her feet. She walked out to the car ready for a day at the office. She managed a short walk, although was not keen and got back tot he kennels as quick as she could.

Saturday 7th December 2019: Tiggy was a bit flat this morning, so as a precaution took her up to the vets. The vets recommended bloods to see what her liver and kidney functions were doing. As we discussed the options if the results were bad I knew that none of them were good. Partly we didn’t want them done, but partly we weren’t prepared to let her down and make her suffer. So the test went ahead, fortunately the results were back within the hour and they were good. Her white blood count was a bit higher than it normal and her iron levels were still low but the important ones they were good and we all breathed a sigh of relief. She was put on a short course of antibiotics and prescribed lots of tlc.

She slept on her own that night, and what a treasure she was.

Sunday 8th December 2019: A quiet day at home. She loves a cuddle and is turning quite cheeky. Still doesn’t trust going out, but that will come and we just want her to feel safe.

Despite a comfy bed the draw of the fire is just goo much

Monday 9th December 2019: Another quiet day at home but a 2nd Malaseb bath with Claire today. Claire could see a difference, and she is getting the spirit back in her eyes.

Not loving the bath but it’s warm so Tiggy puts up with it and it will do her skin so much good

Our 7 year old grandson came round after school. Tiggy clearly is a gentle soul and loved him to bits.

Tuesday 10th December 2019: Weight 12.4 kilos.

Tiggy, it appears, can put on weight like I can. The dog warden, Gemma, who dropped her off came in today. She could see a difference in both her behaviour and condition.

She’s down to just 8 meals a day but knows exactly when they’re due and whoa betide you if you’re late. She is showing an interest in going out for house training, but the winds are high and as soon as the door opens she turns and runs back to pee as quick as she can on a puppy pad. Who can blame her, we just don’t know what her previous experiences were.

Wednesday 11th December 2019:

The wind has dropped and we’ve managed every pee bar one outside today. Well done Tiggy. Pooing is another issue and anyone who has come by the kennels recently at an unfortunate time knows that it’s not the most pleasant of ‘atmospheres’ We forgive her though, it will come in time.

Great excitement when she got home tonight, her PJ’s have arrived. They fit well so another pair on order.

Looking smart, and cosy

She met our, not quite, 8 week old granddaughter today and one of our “grandpuppies”. We think Tiggy is going to enjoy the company of children and dogs.

PJ’s arrived

Thursday 12th December 2019: Weight 13.3 kilos

Thrilled with her weight gain, 2.45 kilos or almost 5 1/2 pounds. To put that in perspective she has put on over 20% of her body weight 9 days! Sadly it proves one thing this was pure neglect, causing malnutrition. To even consider how that must of been for her is unbearable.

Tiggy enjoyed, what we call, 1/2 a walk this morning, going 1/2 way around the estate. Still keen to get back to the kennels but was a lot more relaxed. She walked with Candy and Benny and was quite happy to have their company.

The bed we first bought Tiggy when she came in and she curled up so small in, now needs an extension

Friday 13th December

Tiggy is getting out for short walks but is not keen, her housetraining is improving slightly but not significantly. She spends the day at the kennels in the office and is clearly relaxing as she is stretching out more and more each day. Due to a very busy Christmas Day at the fosterers she will be going for a short break over Christmas to the seaside (ok so it’s only 500 yards away) She went for a visit to meet the other dogs and got on fine. She’ll have another visit between now and Christmas just to make sure she’s happy. If not, Christmas at the foresters house will be cancelled!

Saturday 14th December

Tiggy is having a quiet day at home, she loves the fire. We are trying to change her food to one not quite as expensive as the ID she is on. Very slowly we’ll see what happens.

Not too sure you can get much closer Tiggy!

Sunday 15th December

Today we had a little bit of a breakthrough, Tiggy went to the back door almost asking to go out. She back peddled a bit but we put her on lead and she had a bit of a potter round and a pee!

Unfortunately the change of food has not suited her so it’s back to ID. She’s worth every penny!

She’s always had her pj’s or a jumper on but today she had her coat off. She still looks very thin but there is an improvement all round we think

Tiggy looks a lot ‘smoother’ now but still heartbreaking to look at

Monday 16th December

Well they say every cloud has a silver lining? The male of the household managed to slip on black ice and bust his wrist so that’s him off work until after Christmas so Tiggy can stay at home, rather than coming to the kennels each day, in front of her favourite place the fire. It is lovely to see her starting to roll around and have fun

Lovely to see Tiggy so relaxed after such a short period

Tuesday 17th December

Tiggy rewarded us today with 1. asking every time she needed to go out for a pee or a poo and 2. weighing in at 15.3 Kilos! That is an increase of 4.4 kilos or 9 lb 11 oz! And it shows. You can now stroke her neck without worry that she is hurting. Her overall body condition is still poor, her hair is growing back slowly though and she has life in her eyes and energy to play. Another bath at Claire’s today proved how much she’s put on. While she waits for her Malaseb baths to work, 10 minutes, she wears the same toweling robe. Today the buckle was a tight fit!

Tiggy’s last bath for a while as she isn’t sore now

Wednesday 18th December

Today is the day the Press Release has gone out and Tiggy’s story is across social media. Already we have received messages asking what can be donated to help Tiggy and although that is really really appreciated what we all want more than anything else is to find who left this poor girl in the condition she was found. All shares, and word of mouth comments will maybe lead to who did this.

Tiggy now sleeps either on vet bed in front of the fire or a memory foam mattress

Thursday 19/12/19 : Weight 16.6 kilos

Tiggy’s skin hasn’t improved so she was back at the vets today so we took the opportunity to weight her.  Amazing 5.7 kilos, 12 lbs since she came in.  So pleased for her.  She’s been give more treatment for her skin and that should take effect really quickly. We now know she has Sarcoptic mange which makes this so much easier to treat her. Her hair is growing back though and although blonde, so matches her skin, we can see it.

19 12 19 weighing in at 16.6 kilos the difference is amazing

All day we’ve have requests for what she needs and had offers of coats, jumpers, collars, food and financial donations.  Our phones and the council switch board has been inundated with requests for how to make donations.  So we’ve posted up a post on our facebook page with a donate button, as well as there being a link at the top of this page.

It’s lovely to see her just well being a dog!

Yesterday the Press Release went out to try and track an owner down and the response has been unbelievable.  On our facebook alone had over 1/2 a million people see her posts and the council nearing a million.  If you have any information, no matter how small, please contact the Animal Welfare Team on 0345 600 6400 or by email to in the strictest of confidence.

This memory foam mattress was donated recently to the kennels and is idea to give Tiggy a bit more comfort now she’s out grown her bed.

Tiggy’s story continues at

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