Biscuit has a happy face, but don't be fooled
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Biscuit is a medium sized cross who is under two. Please note he is not a border terrier type and has staffie in him. When he came in it is fair to say he was a grumpy boy when he came in he did have a reasonable excuse as his skin was very sore. Once he gets to know you he’s a bit of a softy who likes his tummy tickled. However he is very protective of those he loves so could not go with children or to a busy household. His very temperamental and unpredictable nature with people he does not know must not be underestimated.

Due to previous skin issues Biscuit is on a RAW diet and this will need to be continued in any new home.

Biscuit has a happy face, but don’t be fooled

We are looking for an understanding active home where he can learn to relax and enjoy life. He has lived with another dog but we think at least initially while he learns to share he needs to be on his own. A quiet household with very limited visitors will be essential.

We will not rehome Biscuit with resident children, or visiting children under 16. We will not rehome Biscuit to a home where part of his “care plan” would be to rely on others outside the home to look after him. Biscuit must have a garden, and the fence must be at least 5 feet high.

Biscuit likes a belly rub, when he’s in the right mood

Sadly it will take time to introduce Biscuit to any new owner, we expect it will take at least a week of daily visits for him to become friends with someone so due to this any applicants will have to live very local to the kennels. If you feel you have what Biscuit needs please fill in an application form

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