Biscuit has a happy face, but don't be fooled
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Biscuit is a medium sized cross who is under two. Please note he is not a border terrier type and has staffie in him. When he came in it is fair to say he was a grumpy boy when he came in he did have a reasonable excuse as his skin was very sore. Once he gets to know you he’s a bit of a softy who likes his tummy tickled.

He had a bad flea infestation when he came and lots of infected lesions on his skin. He has been on antibiotics, baths and we have also put him on raw diet. This has made a huge difference not only to his skin but his temperament.

Biscuit has a happy face, but don’t be fooled

We are looking for an understanding active home where he can learn to relax and enjoy life. He has lived with another dog but we think at least initially while he learns to share he needs to be on his own.

We will not rehome Biscuit with resident children, or visiting children under 16.

Biscuit likes a belly rub, when he’s in the right mood